About Us

Aluminarti UK was created as an idea back in 2019 as the founders had always had an interest in both arts and fashion.

The idea to develop something new was always something they had wanted to do.

John had been creating some artwork, at first for his own personal pleasure for his own home, but it then soon became much more than a hobby – as interest started to develop from others and he even sent some of his artwork as far as New York.

Without John knowing, at a similar point a good friend of his, Richard, was starting to develop a new designer clothing range and had been researching and testing materials and products for the last year or so. 

After finally getting together, they decided that combining the two and trying to establish a quality, long lasting feel and look in a new Designer Clothing Brand was the way to go. 

They both have a huge desire and passion for what they have created and this will be seen in every item they provide. 

So here they are, almost 2 years on ready to bring out their new designer label.

Please follow them on their exciting journey

Aluminarti UK